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- Adobe Systems Inc.
  Leading maker of graphical processing software.
- Alien Skin Software
  Special effects filters for graphic design including Eyecandy and Xenofex.
- Andromeda Software
  Makers of various photoshop plugins for shadows, textures, etc.
- Auto F/X
  Innovative special effects filters for graphic design.
- Caligari
  Makers of TrueSpace
- Extensis
  Useful plugin and stand alone graphics tools such as phototools and intellihance
- Kaos Tools
  makers of Photoshop plugins like paint alchemy, typecaster, and terazzo
- Kinetix
  Makers of 3D Studio / Studio Max
- Lightscape
  makers of 3D rendering software that yield fantastic realism.
- LView
  32 BIt Image processor program to view, edit, create, and catalog images
- MetaCreations
  Makers of the popular KPT software suite
- NewTek
  Makers of Lightwave 3D
- Paint Shop Pro
  Comprehensive painting and editing program
- Vertigo
  3D plugins for photoshop