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Custom Remedies
Objective: Create a new on-line store front for a customize herbal supplement retailer.
Process: Detailed needs assessment, multiple interface demos, implement, application development, commerce and security integration, and public release.
Solution: A colorful site allowing rapid navigation and ordering of products to aid in the solution of specific conditions. Special attention needed to be given to layout and information hierarchy to incorporate the voluminous data on each product.

Objective: Create a dynamic and interactive dynomometer display to highlight performance gain product offers.
Process: Evaluate information to be incorporated, design and develop interface, demo interface, convert data into usable format, and implement final versions for Web and CD.
Solution: Using Macromedia Flash, we were able to create a dynamic graphing simulator of dynomometer runs for various motorcycles. Runs show before and after use of product to demonstrate increased RPMs or torque.

GT Software
Objective: Web site redeisgn for a Tcompany that focuses on the mainframe market with Web-enabling and legacy data transport products for CICS.
Process: Evaluate current information and asses, assess needs for new site as well as submitting requests for additional content, creating a demo, and launching the site with promotion.
Solution: Overhauled existing site and create numerous graphical assets and interface objects. The result was a site that showed a strong use of technology without being too loud and still providing their customers and potential customers with a gateway to their information.

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