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Raytel Medical PMD
Objective: Create an application interface for physician browsing of patient heart monitoring.
Process: Assess information to be displayed, implement using exisitng style guidlines. and assist with the integration into the data display application.
Solution: A bright, interactive interface that stressed functionality. Interface was designed for flexibility to change options based on login, and have primary options easily accessible for rapid navigation of busy physicians.

Objective: Site redesign to a more modern, cleaner interface with updated information for steel pipe supplier.
Process: Detailed needs assessment, multiple interface demos, implement.
Solution: A contemporary interface that incorporated existing information and left the site scaleable for updated. Integraded new information and customer service tools as well.

AMS Sagita 2000 CBT
Objective: Create a on-line training tool for insurance claim processessing software.
Process: Collaborative effort with sound engineers, scripting professionals, and graphics designers. Create interface, demo, incorporate digital assets, release to CD ROM.
Solution: Web Technologies do not have to be used on the Web. This project used Web technologies to construct an interactive browser-based training course distributed on CD ROM. This course was implemented completely in DHTML. No plugins were used for the broadest compatibility.

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