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This Web site is constructed for content delivery for Telecommunications and Network Management. The site contains information covering issues and solutions pertaining to World Wide Web security including client-side concerns, intranet to internet gateways, and public transactions. This information may be useful to companies interested in adding a public Web server to an existing intranet not having an external connection. Content is presented to a business audience as an IS briefing and is intended to be viewed with Netscape 3.0 or higher. All features will not be apparent to Internet Explorer users.

By Andrew Soncha

Table of Contents
- Brief is an Executive Brief offering an overview of the paper.
- Internal covers material on Internal Systems. This primarily involves security issues surrounding a user's browser.
- Gateway discusses the intermediate gateway between intranets and the internet. A security gateway refers to a firewall system. Several forms are covered.
- External provides information on a Web server open to public access. This discussion focuses on issues surrounding secure transactions and commerce.
- Example offers an example system and some sample cost data
- Conclusion wraps things up.
- Sources is a list of sources and links to other resources of related material.

Executive Brief

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