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Character Shadow  (23 Dec 2004 -- 19:30) Rating: Thumb Up
This is a Super COOL site!
User's URL: AnimeFireball

Character Kathryn Richardson  (15 Dec 2004 -- 1:51) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
Great site great graphics!! Good job!
User's URL: collectible website

Character Ashley  (10 Dec 2004 -- 16:42) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
User's URL: my free open diary

Character Eleanor  (02 Dec 2004 -- 5:13) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
You've got a really lovely site that has given me the inspiration that I needed. There's many beautiful gifs in your Realm Graphics section. Thank you.

Character DHERVILLE Elisabeth  (01 Dec 2004 -- 6:02) Rating: Thumb Up
All is very good.I found all i have looking for.Thank you

Character nea nea  (19 Nov 2004 -- 13:46) Rating: Thumb Up

Character dfbdfbfd  (10 Nov 2004 -- 22:16) Rating: not rated
fgjfgjhfgf ji;io; jo'iop[iopiopiop

Character wer  (05 Nov 2004 -- 15:41) Rating: not rated
User's URL: werwer

Character Darrell Wells  (30 Oct 2004 -- 17:14) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
taking online web developer basic and like your links from our instructor

Character gabriel  (27 Oct 2004 -- 14:03) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
it's good
User's URL:

Character Riceto  (22 Oct 2004 -- 13:28) Rating: Thumb Down
Can you tell me from where i can get a Guestbook or good Forum for free. Please tell me few links.
User's URL: My site

Character Missy  (19 Oct 2004 -- 17:59) Rating: Thumb Up
I just want some friends...

Character kristi  (17 Oct 2004 -- 12:16) Rating: Thumb Up
thank you for showcasing your graphics and for making them available to the public! i love your daisies. they're my favorite flower. =)

Character cole  (14 Oct 2004 -- 16:18) Rating: not rated
do u have a dancing homer icon that dances by anychance?

Character bruni Mejia  (07 Oct 2004 -- 17:32) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up

Character willy  (26 Aug 2004 -- 16:11) Rating: Thumb DownThumb Down
i like it
User's URL: click here

Character Don Carlson  (06 Aug 2004 -- 23:31) Rating: not rated
just visiting-hope to build a web site in the future.

Character Sandy Barringer  (28 Jul 2004 -- 1:21) Rating: not rated
Nice. Could use more.

Character ROXANNA FINCH  (24 Jun 2004 -- 23:08) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up

Character R.Wiper  (02 Jun 2004 -- 14:10) Rating: not rated

Character Raphael Carvalho  (22 May 2004 -- 12:36) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
Muy buena página. Quiero resaltar su anti egoísmo compartiendo mucho material en archivo zip, cosa muy importante para la gente que se conecta con modem. Muchas gracias, saludos, Raphael Carvalho
User's URL: Link

Character Bengt  (21 May 2004 -- 16:20) Rating: Thumb Up
Your webpage was linkt on a swedisch page, i klickt on it and now i´m here !
User's URL: Link

Character Eric  (09 May 2004 -- 22:38) Rating: not rated
I know very little about web design/html, etc. and I've been trying to broaden my knowledge base. Your site has been very helpful. Thank you.

Character Robyn  (03 May 2004 -- 15:51) Rating: Thumb Up
I'm new to web design and have just come across your website. Can't wait to get my embroidery business site up and running. I'll be sure to add an appropriate link when I go live. Thanks in advance for the "neat" stuff!

Character Brigitte Varone  (28 Apr 2004 -- 20:52) Rating: Thumb Up
Looking to get back into pen-palling. If you're interested in snail-mail correspondence then, please, send me your information. Let me know where you saw this. Thanks.
User's URL: A group I created

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