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Character fasfs  (14 Sep 1999 -- 14:45) Rating: not rated

User's URL: Link

Character Vlad Ryazantsev  (12 Sep 1999 -- 12:21) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Down

User's URL: Link

Character Someone  (09 Sep 1999 -- 5:41) Rating: not rated
Really cool. Love your site.

Character impie  (07 Sep 1999 -- 13:31) Rating: Thumb Up
This is one exellently awesome sight!!! I think it is absolutelly GREAT - keep up the good work! (PS. I'd really like to know how to improve my designs in general - not only computer designs. . .If you have any suggestions, please contact me.)

Character M. P.  (07 Sep 1999 -- 13:26) Rating: Thumb Up
I'd really like to know how to improve my desiogns in general - not only computer designs. . .If you have any suggestions, please contact me. I am a student and have graphic art as one of my subjects, but I'm affraid I only ever get a B. . .S.O.S!!!

Character suus  (04 Sep 1999 -- 16:12) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
ik ben nederlands dus julli kunnen dit niet lezen maar het is een leuke site

Character annie  (04 Sep 1999 -- 14:45) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
User's URL: Link

Character Lee Richardson  (04 Sep 1999 -- 9:18) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
Absolutely GREAT!!!
User's URL: The Gower Peninsula/Smuggling

Character Lee Richardson  (04 Sep 1999 -- 9:14) Rating: not rated
I think this site is one of the best I've seen. Thank you very much
User's URL: The Gower Peninsula/Smuggling

Character Andrea  (04 Sep 1999 -- 6:00) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
Cool man!!!!!!!!

Character Christian B√∂hner  (02 Sep 1999 -- 11:17) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
Very good page with a useful selection of images, bullets etc !! Well done.
User's URL: My Homepage

Character Maria  (02 Sep 1999 -- 0:38) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
Excellent! Fantastic ! I'd like to work for you.

Character Bob Breitzman  (30 Aug 1999 -- 18:43) Rating: Thumb Up

User's URL: My Homepage

Character Neville   (29 Aug 1999 -- 21:21) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
excellent......what else can I say!

Character Lulu Mortensen  (29 Aug 1999 -- 13:59) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
BRILLIANT PAGE- Beats any Website I've seen

Character masta91  (28 Aug 1999 -- 14:02) Rating: Thumb Up
nice site! very useful.
User's URL: My Personal Website

Character betsy  (28 Aug 1999 -- 0:11) Rating: not rated

Character Randy  (26 Aug 1999 -- 23:04) Rating: Thumb Up

Character J Guy  (25 Aug 1999 -- 11:56) Rating: not rated
Beautiful work, and very informative.

Character Karen Whitty  (24 Aug 1999 -- 23:25) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
Keep up the good work [image]
User's URL: Lhasa Apso site with lots of info for all dog lovers.

Character Brett  (18 Aug 1999 -- 14:48) Rating: Thumb Up
i like the images and im usin them for my ska punk rudie website (notice the pic)sweat site
User's URL: Brett's Ska Punk Page

Character Tara-Fly  (18 Aug 1999 -- 12:11) Rating: Thumb Up
You have some awesome backgrounds!
User's URL: The Ghost of the Pot Roast homepage

Character Daniel Tan  (16 Aug 1999 -- 10:30) Rating: Thumb Up
Cool website! Great place to source for web images! Keep it up!!!
User's URL: My Personal Homepage

Character ban  (15 Aug 1999 -- 10:02) Rating: not rated
my name is bander i am frome sudi arabia
User's URL: Link

Character ban  (15 Aug 1999 -- 9:55) Rating: not rated

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