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Character George Cates  (25 Oct 1999 -- 13:50) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
So much to learn about REALLY designing a good website, but believe I've found my source for doing it. Thanks
User's URL: Welcome To George's Home Page . . .

Character pimp  (25 Oct 1999 -- 13:46) Rating: not rated

Character Cowgirl  (25 Oct 1999 -- 13:46) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
your thing is really working for my teacher she has something fun to teach now.

Character swaner  (25 Oct 1999 -- 13:46) Rating: not rated
your movie we just watch in the classroom and it was great.

Character pimp  (25 Oct 1999 -- 13:46) Rating: not rated
THis is cool

Character Sara Dalley  (25 Oct 1999 -- 13:45) Rating: not rated
pretty cool.

Character G. L. Newsam  (24 Oct 1999 -- 19:28) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up

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Character Keegs  (24 Oct 1999 -- 17:21) Rating: Thumb Up
Love the site. The chat rooms are awsome.I practically live there now. Good luck in everything you do...
User's URL: My Page

Character Gary L Huggins  (23 Oct 1999 -- 10:58) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
Very tastefully done grafix with a flair of most refreshing newness, surpassing most!!!!!!

Character Tassi  (23 Oct 1999 -- 2:44) Rating: Thumb Up
your comments are highly grateful...
User's URL: my guestbook

Character Stevie  (21 Oct 1999 -- 20:53) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
Beautiful stuff! You are so talented. The graphics will help me a lot. Thanks.
User's URL: Link

Character Stevie  (21 Oct 1999 -- 20:49) Rating: not rated
Beautiful stuff! You are so talented. The graphics will be very useful to me. Thanks.
User's URL: Link

Character Rutger Luitzen van Dijk  (20 Oct 1999 -- 7:12) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
Pretty good site, with lots of images. Just what i was looking for....

Character Suzanne  (19 Oct 1999 -- 15:31) Rating: not rated
Hey, I need help creating a web page. What can you do for me and what does it cost?

Character Ana  (19 Oct 1999 -- 13:59) Rating: Thumb Up
You have good stuff. But it is a little hard to find what I want.

Character Luke  (18 Oct 1999 -- 22:31) Rating: not rated

User's URL: My guest book

Character chas  (17 Oct 1999 -- 19:02) Rating: Thumb Up

Character Raylinn  (14 Oct 1999 -- 20:59) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
I am trying to learn how to put my own website together(with not much luck) and found your site. It is wonderful!! If I ever figure out how to do this I will definitely enjoy trying out your way cool stuff!!

Character Nathan S. McLain  (14 Oct 1999 -- 17:23) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
Im new to web development and I love your site!
User's URL: My home page

Character zveni dana  (13 Oct 1999 -- 17:55) Rating: Thumb Up
I am from romania and I consider THIS site "GOOD STUFF". I will visit as ofen as I can. Thank you.

Character zveni dana  (13 Oct 1999 -- 17:48) Rating: Thumb Up

Character Emma Gansberg  (13 Oct 1999 -- 8:18) Rating: Thumb Up
i think you have a very nice page whit alot to choose from very good

Character alison :-)  (13 Oct 1999 -- 4:50) Rating: Thumb Up
hey, cool page!! keep up the good work!!!
User's URL: my personal homepage!!

Character Anika  (12 Oct 1999 -- 18:30) Rating: Thumb Up
Hi, this is a great site, I`ve found some good stuff for my own page. Sorry, my english is not so good, because I´m German. :-) Greetings Anika
User's URL: Funstuff, MP3, Midi`s, Java Scripte

Character raquel  (10 Oct 1999 -- 0:48) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
I need more help to build my page, thanks!
User's URL: women2000

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