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Character walter perez  (16 Nov 1999 -- 17:51) Rating: Thumb Up
sign my book if you a VILLIAN.
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Character Giulia  (16 Nov 1999 -- 6:27) Rating: not rated
I agree with you

Character kabeer  (16 Nov 1999 -- 3:15) Rating: Thumb Up

Character SyiKiN  (16 Nov 1999 -- 0:44) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
I like this pix
User's URL: my homepage

Character Jacqueline  (15 Nov 1999 -- 12:58) Rating: not rated
I am looking for a picture of art, music and people . Just general pictures. NOT a certain thing . please e mail me if you know where i could get a picture like this. Ps i like some of your pics
User's URL: my homepage

Character inadina  (15 Nov 1999 -- 5:35) Rating: Thumb Down

User's URL: Link

Character Bulldogs  (13 Nov 1999 -- 23:58) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up

Character murad  (12 Nov 1999 -- 6:27) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
User's URL: Link

Character Kelly  (11 Nov 1999 -- 16:56) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
Awesome graphics and backgrounds. It has made making my own web pages so much easier.

Character Grover  (11 Nov 1999 -- 15:36) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
Hi, cool guestbook....
User's URL: T.J.'s top ten

Character murad  (11 Nov 1999 -- 10:25) Rating: Thumb Up
My dier Friends wellcome to MURAD.NET SÝGN GUESTBOOK
User's URL: Link

Character Gigi  (10 Nov 1999 -- 20:43) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
Wonderful and very helpful!
User's URL: Link

Character Whooheee and Elmogirl_1999  (09 Nov 1999 -- 18:45) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
I like your site I want to put a link on to my page of your page. I did all the printing for the pages to help mom out (elmogirl_1999)
User's URL: mythical picts and the printing by Elmogirl_1999 9 years old

Character Debie K  (08 Nov 1999 -- 11:07) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
Great Site... I'm just starting with a page development and I found almost EVERYTHING I could need here... You're the best...!!! Thanks, again...
User's URL: Literature, poetry and many other things...

Character Tonia Thomas  (06 Nov 1999 -- 20:02) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
I am just starting my own business. I was looking around on different "clip-art" websites. Your website is the easiest to find exactly what you're looking for. Thx for such a great website filled with cool stuff!!!

Character Wendy  (05 Nov 1999 -- 17:25) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
Great Site! Just wanted to say hello and keep up the great work! Stop by my website and sign my guest book when you get the chance!! :o) [link][image]
User's URL: Wendy's Wonderland!

Character April Christensen  (03 Nov 1999 -- 14:06) Rating: not rated
Great site of information

Character Steven W. Street  (28 Oct 1999 -- 16:55) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
I got your web site from one of the books I bought a while back. (WEB Sites Simplified) I needed a background for mine and you had the right stuff. Thanks!

Character Paul Lopez  (28 Oct 1999 -- 11:20) Rating: not rated
Thanks for having your page. It really helps a novice like myself not have to dig for images. You now have a link to my page! P.L.
User's URL: My business web page

Character christopher black  (27 Oct 1999 -- 8:30) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
I think your desighns are amazing and the steps are well explained. excellent job.

Character Rafal  (27 Oct 1999 -- 8:30) Rating: not rated

Character Joyce  (26 Oct 1999 -- 19:12) Rating: Thumb Up
Hmmm. Maybe there could be more stuff. Some more links to neat site. That's it

Character Evelyn Collins  (26 Oct 1999 -- 10:13) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
This is a very help site.....I really enjoyed it. Keep up the Good Work. Eve

Character Marshall Wheeler  (26 Oct 1999 -- 3:06) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
Great Web site, your site asthetics are terffic and the resources are great. Thank you!
User's URL: Intertainment® Web Site under developement

Character Alicia Kelley  (25 Oct 1999 -- 17:25) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up

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