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Character tristan  (10 Sep 2005 -- 9:03) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
cool site....

Character gobot  (08 Sep 2005 -- 19:11) Rating: not rated
Great Page! much pictures , Sorry but my english isn`t very well *g* But visit my page plz ? have a look on it thanks !
User's URL: To my web page

Character M  (30 Aug 2005 -- 15:05) Rating: Thumb Up
Awesome graphics! I loved the lines and icons and buttons! :)

Character chris colwell  (30 Aug 2005 -- 14:23) Rating: not rated
very good work.would like to see your new stuff when you add it.

Character Romano  (16 Aug 2005 -- 13:46) Rating: not rated
Super site, très utile pour toutes concenption de site ou de pages perso. Bravo !

Character Jimmy Gerding  (13 Aug 2005 -- 9:28) Rating: Thumb Up
I really like this website.

Character telubhe  (11 Aug 2005 -- 2:15) Rating: not rated
coba kirim
User's URL: Link

Character lucas  (30 Jul 2005 -- 6:12) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Down
Hi! I have marked your website as 3 (so-so), because it is a little out of date. If you are interested in affordable, personal web design you can contact me.

Character cherry rose rafaela  (21 Jul 2005 -- 23:55) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
this is a cool way to view and tell someting about me through my webpage...
User's URL: Guest Book

Character felicia  (01 Jul 2005 -- 7:03) Rating: Thumb Up

User's URL: my website

Character bernis  (27 Jun 2005 -- 2:47) Rating: Thumb Up
User's URL: my home page

Character anne  (17 Jun 2005 -- 4:36) Rating: not rated
thanks for sharing your collection :)

Character Javier  (07 May 2005 -- 19:44) Rating: Thumb Up
Really great site!! great help for us begginers!!

Character GA 'Kat  (02 May 2005 -- 5:05) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
Hi There!! I’ve had a good look around your site, and you’ve done a marvellous job! Have you ever thought of entering a friendly Competition? We at Battle of the Ancients, would love to receive you! As well as a Competition like others on the Web, we are a growing community of a great bunch of friends! Will you join us? Choose from 12 different Teams, and Battle with the Ancients for World Conqueror!! For full details, please visit our site at 'Copyright Battle of the Ancients 2004'
User's URL: The site I came from.

Character William  (19 Apr 2005 -- 3:33) Rating: Thumb Up

Character charlie  (11 Apr 2005 -- 13:48) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
HI! I thought your site was great but can you add some free website promotion! Because im looking for a site with it FREE! When you've done that email me!
User's URL: A site that includes chat,forums,mailing list,FUN!,Links

Character Antonia Robinson  (08 Apr 2005 -- 8:34) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up

Character Melissa  (23 Mar 2005 -- 9:40) Rating: Thumb Up
Hey! The site is pretty nice, although it probs may need a bit more spicin up!!

Character Estarla  (13 Mar 2005 -- 16:39) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
These are awesome! I used to borrow people's bullets, cause I simply cannot make my own, so I've been looking for a place to get free ones. these are awesome!
User's URL: West Secret (fantasy castle forums)

Character Lonni Johannesen  (03 Mar 2005 -- 7:19) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Down

User's URL: Link

Character Lonni Johannesen  (03 Mar 2005 -- 7:18) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Down
Hejsa og velkommen til Gæstebogen
User's URL: Link

Character Fabiola  (12 Feb 2005 -- 15:28) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Down
Lam ejor web de Belidna es Belinda Pop Queen.
User's URL: unirse a la web de belinda

Character adriano  (02 Feb 2005 -- 8:41) Rating: not rated
Thank you for giving all this for free. I would be lovely if you could create some backgrounds for busness cards. The word busness must be excluded. Just simple cards for friends. Keep up the great job. P.S. Did not add me e-mail because next I got spam all over. Know you will be comp4rensive and understand.

Character Diva Asnea  (18 Jan 2005 -- 20:16) Rating: Thumb Up

Character karen  (17 Jan 2005 -- 16:44) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
Very nice site!
User's URL: Karenczu41's Images and Gif's

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