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Character Jessie  (29 Nov 2000 -- 21:07) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
I really love the website and stuff you have here...I will tell all my friends about your website and hope they like it just as much as I did....
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Character Liliana  (25 Nov 2000 -- 21:53) Rating: Thumb Up
Need a little more variety.

Character Esther  (25 Nov 2000 -- 2:59) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
Very nice site. I have even added it to our web review site!
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Character Eileen  (23 Nov 2000 -- 10:13) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
I quite like the overall designs. Cool... But I get lost in the site, maybe should have a frame or some sort of navigation bar which contain the main navigation of the site.?

Character Phoenix  (21 Nov 2000 -- 15:50) Rating: Thumb Up
Cool site, loads of lovely stuff, thank you, I'll be back...!
User's URL: club

Character Tyler  (20 Nov 2000 -- 15:17) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
The web images are great and fun to use on my web page.
User's URL: The guest book.

Character Patrizia  (19 Nov 2000 -- 8:21) Rating: not rated

Character ej  (17 Nov 2000 -- 13:37) Rating: Thumb Up
This site is relly good! Hey I got your e-mail,thanx! Visit my site again and give me some tips next time you write me!
User's URL: Esther's cool website!

Character laura eaton  (15 Nov 2000 -- 16:11) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
You have just about the best site I've ever seen for web development! I found lots of useful stuff for my web page- great backgrounds! Maybe consider getting some more banners. :)

Character icazuchi  (05 Nov 2000 -- 22:40) Rating: Thumb Down
Your selection of work (portfolio) is a little bare. And your lack of ability to demonstrate creative excellence has lost my attention.

Character Esther  (03 Nov 2000 -- 19:30) Rating: Thumb Up
Nice site! Good stuff!
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Character Al Balsamo  (03 Nov 2000 -- 15:19) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
I am working on my web pages. Your site was very helpful.

Character Shelby Jackson  (02 Nov 2000 -- 14:15) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
Keep up the good work

Character sugarang37  (31 Oct 2000 -- 9:49) Rating: not rated
you have some great stuff

Character Why?  (27 Oct 2000 -- 15:39) Rating: Thumb Up
Good Site!

Character Chris  (27 Oct 2000 -- 14:05) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
Very nice site.
User's URL: My personal webpage

Character wertewf  (26 Oct 2000 -- 16:50) Rating: not rated

Character John Grimstone  (26 Oct 2000 -- 7:34) Rating: not rated
yet to try anything out
User's URL:

Character Lynne  (25 Oct 2000 -- 15:16) Rating: Thumb Up
a very enjoyable website

Character Max Moneta  (24 Oct 2000 -- 6:47) Rating: Thumb Up
It is all OK
User's URL: My webpage

Character Gladys  (23 Oct 2000 -- 13:23) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
Hi nice web page I' new on this so I'm just looking around well nice to see you'r page Gladys

Character Babak  (19 Oct 2000 -- 11:39) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
hey,i love girls!
User's URL: Link

Character Felsi  (18 Oct 2000 -- 20:39) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
I've been thru a lot of websites looking for cool backgrounds and stuff, and this is the only one i've bookmarked. The navigation is so easy and everything is laid out so nicely. =o) I'm definitely recommending this site

Character Shane Morgan  (18 Oct 2000 -- 13:45) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
A lot of work here

Character Linda Lear  (13 Oct 2000 -- 13:53) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
Great Site. I have bookmarked you for future visits.
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