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Character Laura   (11 Jan 2002 -- 10:24) Rating: Thumb Up
i think ur site is well made but looks a wee bit dull and not so inticing but when i looked around you have some class stuff, great site.

Character allen  (05 Jan 2002 -- 12:56) Rating: Thumb Up
Your site was the first site that the search engine gave me, and it was the only place that I visited. I have been looking for 80% of the buttons that you have on your site, and I am only grateful that that there is a site for such services. Again, thanks. Keep up the good work. I am planning on making a site, but I have to get my library set first.

Character Amanda hugandkiss  (31 Dec 2001 -- 19:32) Rating: Thumb Up

Character Jason  (27 Dec 2001 -- 16:55) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Down
HEY! I like your site design. Very clean. Put a picture in the middle though :)

Character Lynda  (16 Dec 2001 -- 6:35) Rating: Thumb Up
Very good site indeed. Gave me tons of ideas. Thanks for sharing it. Love Lynda XX.

Character X de X  (15 Dec 2001 -- 7:56) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
Please sign here if you want to join KOA
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Character Adrienne  (15 Dec 2001 -- 3:26) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
Excellent site! Very well organized and complete! Where have you been all my design life? :o)

Character Tiffany  (29 Nov 2001 -- 14:58) Rating: not rated
Like your backgroungs!!!! They are awesome!!!
User's URL: Tiffany's Page

Character Jussi  (29 Nov 2001 -- 1:52) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
Paskat sivut, ei mitään kunnollista

Character lorraine park  (28 Nov 2001 -- 3:23) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
thanks for helping me to improve my korean pop stars forum!lav ya!

Character Andreas Schälin  (27 Nov 2001 -- 13:11) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
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Character Andy  (26 Nov 2001 -- 5:40) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
Your background graphics are great. A wnderful site.
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Character tushar  (25 Nov 2001 -- 17:03) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up

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Character grrl/angel130  (21 Nov 2001 -- 18:10) Rating: Thumb Up
thanks so much your backgrounds are awesome!
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Character DEE HUDSON  (18 Nov 2001 -- 21:03) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up

Character Brad  (13 Nov 2001 -- 20:46) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
i loved your site and the backgrounds i will have to come back and save some for my site!
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Character Sondre selnes  (12 Nov 2001 -- 2:23) Rating: Thumb Up
Looking for bmp-files for displays.

Character xcv  (10 Nov 2001 -- 7:34) Rating: Thumb Up
asfdsassa asd as sad sd sa sd s a a
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Character Tiffany Sandler  (09 Nov 2001 -- 12:31) Rating: Thumb Up

Character ngoc tu  (08 Nov 2001 -- 8:23) Rating: not rated

Character joe fetzer  (06 Nov 2001 -- 14:15) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
This is an outstanding source for fledgling web designers like moi. Thanks so much!

Character Bernadette  (31 Oct 2001 -- 2:56) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Down
I was looking for something new and thought I recognised most of what was here .... then looking at my corel clipart I found yours was the same ... so which of you rightfully has copyright? You or Corel corp?

Character Tammy  (26 Oct 2001 -- 21:58) Rating: not rated
Great Site
User's URL: Home Page

Character Dianne Black  (23 Oct 2001 -- 4:33) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
Really neat stuff.
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Character billyr  (21 Oct 2001 -- 13:28) Rating: Thumb Up
i seach HOTBOT.COM you saw #10. Ender Design: Realm Graphics Web Images Realm Graphics is a free Web image archive offering buttons, bullets, lines, backgrounds, icons, full design sets, and links to other design resources. See results from this site only.
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