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Character Uncle Pierre  (12 Aug 2002 -- 4:46) Rating: Thumb Up
This site has been most helpful :)! Gooood work.

Character efrem  (03 Aug 2002 -- 22:47) Rating: Thumb Up

Character Char Char  (03 Aug 2002 -- 13:30) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
Your site is awesome. I was able to find evryhting I needed for my web pages and the animation video I am making
User's URL: my personal web page

Character DD  (01 Aug 2002 -- 11:55) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Down

Character David  (31 Jul 2002 -- 16:05) Rating: not rated
Your Website Sucks

Character rafael perez  (31 Jul 2002 -- 14:24) Rating: not rated
I like this page

Character cassandra neace  (28 Jul 2002 -- 22:03) Rating: not rated

Character Pam  (28 Jul 2002 -- 19:19) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
Your site was really infomative. It gave me some great insite as to what is possible when you have the imagination and time available.
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Character Jenna Gray  (28 Jul 2002 -- 13:52) Rating: Thumb Up
User's URL: my website

Character Robert Johnson  (28 Jul 2002 -- 13:23) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
Great Site !

Character dreamfery  (27 Jul 2002 -- 10:37) Rating: not rated
Hi~~I come here again.I have received your reply,thank you! I have emailed you,open your e-mail box! best wishes!

Character dreamfery  (24 Jul 2002 -- 21:57) Rating: not rated
I love your web very much,thank you! can you chat with me? i have a lot of questions.

Character dreamfery  (24 Jul 2002 -- 21:55) Rating: not rated

Character Gerald Gulliford  (20 Jul 2002 -- 9:05) Rating: not rated
I've checkout many (too many)website for backgrounds, buttons etc. that I could use in developing my site for our Cub Pack and Beaver Colony. Your site has ended my search. The resources are AWESOME... no other words can describe it !!! Thanks. My site will be in the works for a while but now I have some great webdesign resources to use... Thanks again.
User's URL: Armdale group committee and the Cub Pack, Beaver Colony etc.

Character P-D  (18 Jul 2002 -- 6:39) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
hey there ender.. RESPECT for a cool site!! I am doing web design so your site will be REPRESENTED on my personal site when its done !! ppl should come here first..if they know whats good for them!!

Character P-D  (18 Jul 2002 -- 6:37) Rating: not rated
hey there ender.. RESPECT for a cool site!! I am doing web design so your site will be REPRESENTED on my personal site when its done !!

Character N  (15 Jul 2002 -- 21:42) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
Thank you for creating a great page and helping other people to do so.
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Character kim  (15 Jul 2002 -- 0:41) Rating: Thumb Up
more gothic stuff. im a web tv classic user do how do i download???

Character fafawf  (06 Jul 2002 -- 21:22) Rating: not rated

Character Lexy  (03 Jul 2002 -- 17:46) Rating: Thumb Up
I am doing a webpage for a class and thid stuff was really helpful

Character stargate33  (02 Jul 2002 -- 14:02) Rating: not rated

Character Melissa  (01 Jul 2002 -- 19:34) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Down
Your site is pretty cool...
User's URL: *Melissa's Page*

Character Alexandra  (01 Jul 2002 -- 12:57) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
I like your website It got lots of cool graphics! Keep up the good work.
User's URL: Cartoon Dolls

Character Dana  (30 Jun 2002 -- 22:16) Rating: Thumb DownThumb Down
I sueegest nothing.. never do.. do whatever you feel is right.
User's URL: my homepage

Character Mindy  (30 Jun 2002 -- 1:43) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
I absolutly loved this site! I found so many great things here! I will definatly put a link to this page on my pesonal web page so everyone knows where i got all my cool stuff from! I will send the URL when my page is done.

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