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Character kenny  (27 Jan 1999 -- 14:08) Rating: not rated
I need pasta pictures

Character Chris  (27 Jan 1999 -- 5:26) Rating: Thumb Up
Your Site is Great.... I hope to see more on it soon
User's URL: My Anti-Hacking Site

Character Bilal INAYATULLAH  (27 Jan 1999 -- 4:55) Rating: Thumb Up
You have done some nice work .. Keep it up !!!
User's URL: Entertainment etc ...

Character saleh sarhan  (27 Jan 1999 -- 2:52) Rating: not rated
Welcome to my Home Page
User's URL: Link

Character mattrhew mitchell  (26 Jan 1999 -- 16:16) Rating: not rated
were did ya get all of this cool graffics and backgrounds can ya tell me.Beacause i need some pics and backgrounds for my web page.Please.

Character harry  (24 Jan 1999 -- 19:55) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Down
test harry enzo.......
User's URL: Link

Character Mary Kay West  (22 Jan 1999 -- 7:52) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
Very well organized and fun to visit.

Character george  (21 Jan 1999 -- 23:16) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Up
hey what?
User's URL: my sherewear page

Character Jerry Andersson  (19 Jan 1999 -- 7:16) Rating: Thumb Up
I think that this page is really good.

Character W J Stevens  (17 Jan 1999 -- 10:09) Rating: not rated
Im impressed at this site ....not with th graphics , but with how well the site is designed and put together

Character Prembone  (17 Jan 1999 -- 1:43) Rating: Thumb Up
One suggestion for your Boxed In sets: Please add "Sign" and "View" (or "Read") buttons for guestbook links! Many thanks.
User's URL: The Prembone Pages: Humor, Opinion, Parody

Character Vladimir  (16 Jan 1999 -- 19:57) Rating: Thumb UpThumb Down

Character Naomi Adam  (16 Jan 1999 -- 17:45) Rating: Thumb Up

User's URL: me

Character Sabine / Kirby  (15 Jan 1999 -- 11:55) Rating: Thumb Up
I've perused the sites you've linked through your Design Portfolio and, as always, I enjoy what I see. You maintain functionality with quality and visually interesting graphics, difficult for a web designer to do so effectively in this market. Keep up the good work, stay busy, but never forget to take a trip to the beach once in awhile.

Character Olof Lundin  (12 Jan 1999 -- 16:28) Rating: Thumb Up
Nice homesite, I'm studying how to put up an own homesite, can I use this icons for my homesite. Is it for free?

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